Stand Up and Fly (Aug, 1955)

Stand Up and Fly

You’re a human hummingbird on the new de Lackner helicopter.

LIKE the flying manhole cover, the new de Lackner helicopter carries only one man who hangs on to handlebars, controls pitch and roll by shifting his weight. Unlike the manhole cover, it is very light (a 125-lb. model is planned) and it is amphibious. Maximum cargo: 200 lbs. Cargo-lifting line runs down through hollow rotor shaft; this method frees copter of cargo inertia during pitch and roll. Top speed is 65 mph, hovering ceiling is 5,000 feet, fuel capacity is one gallon, range is 15 miles. Auxiliary five-gallon fuel tank boosts range to 50 miles. Builders are de Lackner Helicopters, who have named it the Heli-Vector.

  1. sweavo says: July 2, 20085:34 am

    did the opposite page read “fall off and DIE” ?

  2. Vozpit says: July 2, 20085:52 am

    If you surround that thing with glass, then throw in a few bananas & some low-fat milk, you could make a human smoothie.

  3. Baron Waste says: July 2, 20087:19 am

    Yee Haw!…

    (And why not.)

  4. John Muir says: July 2, 20082:54 pm


    More info on the device here:…

    And yes, it did actually work!

  5. Elliot Bedwin says: July 17, 20085:21 am

    I love it! I wouldn’t worry about falling out, there are dozens of other ways to die flying one of these… yet somehow, I want one. You’d have to be half crazy just to invent such a thing, let alone fly one. And skydivers think they’re brave, bunch of pansies…

  6. yle b says: August 3, 200810:14 pm

    The blenderchopper. On par with nuclear hand grenades and submarine screen doors for the title of ‘stupidest invention ever’

  7. Mike says: August 4, 20085:08 am

    How much money was spent before someone said, “Hey do you think we thought this thing through?”

  8. Chuck says: August 5, 200812:34 pm

    What’s the matter with most of you guys? Hell guys that’s just adventure that helped build America.

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