“Stay home-and gargle with Listerine every 2 hours” (Mar, 1931)

“Stay home-and gargle with Listerine every 2 hours”

Reduces mouth germs 98% THAT is what your doctor would probably tell you to do if you had an ordinary cold or simple sore throat. Combined with rest and warmth, it is an excellent treatment. Over and over again this has been proved in the past 50 years.

These ailments are caused by germs multiplying by millions in the mouth and throat. They are continually striving to overcome the forces of health in your body. They often succeed when body resistance is lowered by such things as wet feet, fatigue, lack of exercise, exposure to draughts, cold, sudden changes of temperature.

Their names are Streptococcus Hemolyticus (the streptococcus germ), Staphylococcus Aureus (pus), and Bacillus Influenzae.

And undiluted Listerine, used as a gargle, kills these germs—all germs— almost instantly. In 15 seconds to be exact—the fastest time science has been able to measure accurately.

Repeated tests, similar to those employed at great universities, show that it actually reduces the bacteria on the surfaces of the mouth 98%. And at the same time soothes and heals inflamed membrane.

As a precaution As a precaution against colds and irritated throat, gargle with undiluted Listerine every morning and every night. And when these have actually gained a foothold, increase the gargle to once every 2. hours, meanwhile consulting your physician.

The wonderful thing about Listerine is that while a potent germicide, it is at the same time non-poisonous, safe to use, pleasant to taste, and healing to tissue. Keep Listerine in home and office and carry it when you travel. At the first symptom of trouble use it undiluted to get full germicidal effect. Lambert Pharmacal Company, St. Louis, Mo., U. S. A.


  1. Eamon says: November 26, 200812:03 am

    I read that as “for 2 hours”.

    I also like that the King of Golf has a Listerine Hour.

  2. mark baard says: November 26, 20089:14 am

    this is the kind of “bogus” cure someone in a lab today might prove useful, after all! like purel cuts the spread of the flu by 50 percent…

  3. slim says: November 26, 20083:09 pm

    I remember the family doctor swabbing my throat with Merthiolate when I was a kid.
    Nasty stuff.

  4. nlpnt says: November 28, 20086:38 pm

    Merthiolate- my mom used that stuff on cuts, but I never heard of it being taken orally. Stained everything it touched hot pink, iirc.

  5. Toronto says: November 28, 200810:51 pm

    I thought the bright pink staining stuff was mecurichrome. Whatever, they were both mercury based and aren’t used for that anymore.

  6. fred says: November 29, 20086:12 am

    who had the patience to count 200,000,000 dead germ-o’s?

  7. fruitloop says: February 9, 200910:19 pm

    whenever i get a sore throat, from a cold or flu, i gargle with listerine mouthwash every few hours and it instantly soothes it

  8. Upstate Girl says: March 16, 20101:51 pm

    I use Listerine when I get sick and it works.

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