Steampunk Remote Controled Train (Nov, 1936)

Robot Engine Built in Japan Is Driven by Remote Control

Automatic train control is understood to be a feature of a mysterious robot locomotive model built in Japan. Streamlined, but of a design unlike any conventional locomotive, the details of its mechanism have not been revealed. It is believed, however, that it will be operated electrically by remote control and will be equipped with a braking mechanism which will stop it automatically if the rails ahead become dangerous.

  1. Tim Giachetti says: February 19, 20082:36 am

    First: This ain’t “steampunk”. It says ELECTRIC does it not?

    2nd: I’m so frigging tired of the whole steampunk thing and idiots like yourself mislabeling it. This is just old tech at the advent of “remote control”

    Jesus H. Christ!
    BTW> What IS Jesus middle name? Mom never told me when she would hiss that at us as kids. 🙂

  2. Ric says: February 19, 20085:22 am

    Tim, you’re an idiot.

  3. Tim Giachetti says: February 19, 20086:57 am

    Sorry Ric, must be your post then huh? All I’m saying is there is a dif between old tech, steampunk, and gaslight. Live and learn Ric.
    you have the live part down pat, now try the learn.

  4. Tim Giachetti says: February 19, 20087:44 am

    BTW Ric. Damn your blog is boring and filled with other peoples work. Have a nice day!

  5. Don says: February 19, 20087:46 am

    Ric ‘n’ Tim; do you two want to be alone?

  6. Tim Giachetti says: February 19, 20087:52 am

    heheheh Thanks for the comedic tension breaker Don.

  7. Ric says: February 19, 20089:04 am

    That’s rich coming from a troll who believes dragons are real…


  8. Tim Giachetti says: February 19, 20089:36 am

    Like I said Ric, never an idea of your own. “Vanna! Buy that man a clue!”

  9. Tim Giachetti says: February 19, 20089:38 am

    Oh, and look it up, it’s not a dragon, it is a species of dino. Damn Ric, you really are “bitchin” Ric like you blog says.

  10. Blurgle says: February 19, 200810:23 am

    Cool! A troll!

    Anyone want to bet that he thinks he’s a Nice Guy?

  11. Ric says: February 19, 200811:33 am

    It’s not a species of Dino. You watched the Animal Planet mockumentary and thought it was real didn’t you? It was special effects. It was bogus.


    Go troll somewhere else.

  12. Stannous says: February 19, 20085:17 pm

    Time after time I’ve watched trolls ruin my experience at various websites to the
    point that I can no longer tolerate looking at the comments section and eventually
    to the point that I just give up on them all together.
    Please ban this troll.


  13. Stannous says: February 19, 20085:17 pm

    P.S.- love the new look!

  14. Firebrand38 says: February 19, 20086:46 pm

    Charlie, I concur with Stannous. Lose this annoyance.

  15. Charlie says: February 19, 200811:51 pm

    I agree he’s a troll, but I haven’t had to ban anybody yet and I’d prefer not to start now. If he misbehaves in the future, I’ll get rid of him.

  16. Ric says: February 20, 20085:34 am

    Sorry for all the trouble.

  17. Tim Giachetti says: February 20, 20087:56 am

    sn’t intending to troll. And to Charlie for putting up with it, and the community.

  18. Tim Giachetti says: February 20, 20087:56 am

    part of my post there got cut off, I apologize Ric.

  19. Ric says: February 21, 20086:18 am

    Thanks, Tim.

  20. Mike Brisendine says: February 21, 20086:24 pm

    First let me say the new look is great! I appreciate the effort put into this site. The site just keeps evolving and getting better. It is a pleasant place to visit.

    Second, I don’t come here to read comments by someone who shows no class. You can read those sort of comments in any Lets act 15 chat room. The whole line of crap was uncalled for. Grow up Timmy boy.

  21. Tim Giachetti says: February 22, 20083:17 am

    Mike, did you not see the apology above? Now who is acting the child? This is the second post you have attempted to provoke. Grow up Mikey boy.

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