Steel Goggles Protect Eyes From Bomb Splinters (Apr, 1941)

Steel Goggles Protect Eyes From Bomb Splinters

Protecting the eyes from splinters and other flying objects during an air raid is the purpose of new-type goggles introduced in Britain. Made of sheet steel, the goggles are held in place by a strap. Holes approximately an inch in diameter cut in the metal permit good vision with moderate protection. In emergencies, circular plates of metal swing down over the eye holes. Cross slits cut in the plates then allow restricted vision, but with maximum protection to the eyes. Rubber padding under the cutout bridge and across the brows permits the goggles to be worn in comfort for a long time if necessary.

  1. Christoph says: August 3, 201112:28 pm

    And the rest of the face can be torn to shreds. Quite clever!

  2. Charlie says: August 3, 201112:46 pm

    Christoph » The same could be said of modern safety goggles.

  3. Jari says: August 3, 20115:13 pm

    At least these ones don’t get foggy.

  4. Jonas says: February 20, 201212:41 pm

    Now make a few in pink plastic. I’m sure Kanye West would wear them and make it the latest trend. :

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