Steel Shield for Policemen is Bullet-Proof (Apr, 1933)

Steel Shield for Policemen is Bullet-Proof

Bullets crashed and ricocheted recently in an exciting test of a new shield for policemen at Chicago, Ill. Mounted on casters, the four-foot shield of specially hardened metal affords protection for one police officer in storming barricades or entering besieged houses in the face of gangster fire. As he pushes the shield forward on its casters, the policeman can look ahead through a slot in the metal and tire through a small loophole beneath it. The shield guards against machine guns.

  1. jayessell says: March 20, 20079:12 am

    “OK boys. I’m about to take a picture for “Popular Science”.
    Stand closer to the ricocheting bullets.”

    That’s mighty good police work there, Lou.

  2. Aaron says: July 8, 20107:32 pm

    Bullet proof or bullet resistant? I betcha some of those dents will become holes if they’re struck repeatedly.
    Reminds me of a Kevlar helmet I saw and almost bought in an Army surplus store on Canal Street, NYC back in 1998 or so – someone had been proof testing it – there were nasty gouges on the surface of it, with crayon circles and arrows and stuff like “158 gr. .38 spl” “9mm 110gr JHP”, etc…

  3. Firebrand38 says: July 8, 20107:50 pm

    Aaron: You’re correct. Only amateurs use the term “bullet proof” nowadays. The original ones were only rated to stop fragments. We had a Colonel going around saying they would stop a rifle round, so we took a helmet out to the range and fired a 7.62 rifle bullet at a K-pot from 400 yards. Of course it passed through both sides of the helmet. The newer K-pots, the ACH or Advanced Combat Helmet are supposed to provide more protection against some 9mm rounds, but yeah stuff doesn’t bounce off without leaving a scratch like on an old episode of Airwolf.

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