Stereoscope Holds Seven Views Mounted on a Disk (Mar, 1941)

Stereoscope Holds Seven Views Mounted on a Disk

Still making a bid for popularity, the old parlor stereoscope is now being offered in a compact, “streamline” form, showing pictures mounted in disks that contain seven colored stereographs each, instead of the traditional card that holds but one view, Tripping a lever at the top of the new stereoscope, which is made of durable plastic, brings the next picture into place, and this may be repeated until the seven have been seen. Originals for the views are made with a special miniature camera, using natural color film. Pictures are paired opposite each other on the disk, and when viewed through the apparatus they give a three-dimensional effect.

  1. mikeburdoo says: May 13, 20118:12 am

    Is this the original Viewmaster?

  2. Toronto says: May 13, 20118:42 am

    It is indeed, but they weren’t new in 1941, having been shown at the NYC World’s Fair in ’39.

  3. John says: May 13, 20118:51 am

    mikeburdoo: That’s a Model A Viewmaster http://www.viewmaster.c…

  4. Thundercat says: May 15, 20112:40 pm

    There are some nice early viewmaster discs of the 1939 world’s fair.

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