Stereoscopic Film Viewer Shows Scenes in Color (Jun, 1940)

Stereoscopic Film Viewer Shows Scenes in Color

Three-dimensional views in color are provided by the novel stereoscopic instrument pictured in use at the right. Color films are mounted in disks that are placed within the apparatus, which is provided with a small lever at the top for moving successive frames into place before the dual eyepieces. Each disk contains a different set of film pictures. Small pieces of ground glass behind the film insure an even light on the scene viewed.

  1. jayessell says: November 2, 20078:54 am


  2. Firebrand38 says: November 2, 200710:17 am

    Charlie, I was going to say, shouldn’t this be listed under Origins rather than General?

  3. Charlie says: November 2, 200710:21 am

    Yeah. I didn’t because I was thinking of this, which is earlier:

    But I guess this is more like a modern View Master, so I’ll add it to origins too.

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