Stilt Bike Gives Second-Story Ride (Feb, 1940)

Stilt Bike Gives Second-Story Ride

Bicycle riders will have no trouble in making their way up in the world if they construct a stilt bicycle like the odd one pictured below. Built by Bryant Guthrie, a telegraph messenger boy, the odd vehicle was made from the frame of an old bicycle and lengths of pipe welded together at the joints. One long pipe runs down from the handlebars to the bottom of the frame, where it is connected to two shorter iron rods to form the steering mechanism. A cross-bar on the rear fork of the frame makes a convenient spot for any hitch-hiker to stand while getting a ride on the queer vehicle.

  1. Gregly says: August 3, 20069:46 am

    Unfortunately, he died horribly when he had to negotiate a gentle curve, due to his center of gravity being higher than the average SUV.

    Seriously, I can think of very few things more dangerous than this contraption…

  2. repsac says: October 19, 200710:16 am

    I figure a low bridge would be his undoing. That or a tree.

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