“Stiltmobile” Aids Mailmen (Feb, 1938)

“Stiltmobile” Aids Mailmen
DESIGNED for use by rural mail carriers who must travel over roads which are frequently covered with heavy mud and snow, a new “Stiltmobile” is equipped with greatly enlarged wheels, elevated fenders and a specially designed body.

The odd looking machine is said to travel 20 to 30 miles on a gallon of gasoline. For ordinary transportation purposes, the large wheels and elevated fenders can be removed and replaced with conventional types.

  1. Jim Dunn says: May 8, 20075:29 am

    And 70 years later, blingsters would shell out thousands per wheel to have the same kind of running gear this guy did way back when. The difference being that this guy’s wheels were, you know, functional and practical.

  2. Stannous says: May 8, 20077:06 pm

    Baby Monster Truck!

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