Stop Mouth Breathing (Aug, 1930)

Stop Mouth Breathing

AND SNORING—the Causes of many diseases and often an early grave.

The PERFECT BREATHER overcomes snoring and mouth breathing. Assures perfect rest; heals inflamed nasal tissues; also prevents flabby facial muscles, double chin, protruding and unshapely lips, etc. Has helped thousands. Men’s, women’s, children’s sizes. Set comprises Perfect Breather, inhaler, inhaling balm, complete instructions and valuable breathing exercises. $3.00, cash or C. O. D. plus few cents postage. Satisfaction or refund. Literature free.

PERFECT BREATHER CO., 2966 Edgemont St., Dept. P., Phila., Pa,

  1. slim says: February 23, 200912:36 am

    “SNORING—the Causes of many diseases and often an early grave.”
    Do you suppose they knew about sleep apnea in 1930?
    A gag covering your mouth would certainly stop snoring, but I don’t think it would help apnea.
    But at least you wouldn’t have protruding and unshapely lips.

  2. hwertz says: February 23, 20091:13 am

    “Yes Clarice, I have stopped mouth breathing. How about some fava beans?”
    With just some noseplugs he could quit nose breathing too! (More seriously, seems like he’d have some trouble if his nose plugged up overnight!)

  3. Toronto says: February 23, 20092:28 am

    It almost completely hides Adolph’s moustache.

  4. Mike says: February 23, 20098:51 am

    valuable breathing exercises

    Those “in” and “out” exercises mom told me about were not valuable at all!

  5. Paul says: February 23, 200911:29 am

    Stop mouth and nose breathing – you’ll never be bothered by any illness or condition ever again!

  6. rick says: February 23, 200912:14 pm

    Is that Betty Boop on the magazine cover?


  7. isaac says: February 23, 20095:41 pm

    hm loO0OoKs very stupid ~_~
    where can i find good ads?

  8. John M. Hanna says: February 23, 20097:28 pm

    He wears this and a leather body suit when the wife wants to get ‘adventurous’ in the bedroom.

  9. Libby |breathing exercise says: March 2, 20098:04 pm

    I’m sure my biofeedback breathing exercises would be interesting or deadly with that mask. I’ll just still to the breathing exercises.

  10. Tim says: March 23, 20094:16 am

    That’ll be a way to shut the husband up…permanently!

  11. Mark says: March 29, 200912:25 pm

    It puts the lotion on the skin.

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