STRANGE in SCIENCE (Oct, 1951)


Simian Lipstick is applied by Leon Walters, taxidermist of the Chicago Museum of Natural History, to a figure of Bushman, famous Chicago Zoo gorilla. In life the ape stood 6 feet, 2 inches tall and weighed 550 pounds. Age at death was 23.

Battle Casualties are Spot, the pup and Tiger, the kitten who are comparing their simulated injuries. The ASPCA says that hysterical animals can be quite a problem should an attack come and holds courses in pet first aid and control in N. Y.

Reaching in Vain is 34-year-old Storm Bergh, 34-inch midget of Malverne, L. L, who recently got a parking ticket for not feeding the meter. He was looking for somebody to help him deposit the coin when he was tagged, he explained.

Roller Skating Colt is one-year-old Jim who looks forward to his daily roll along the highway with his master, Albert McAlexander of Kiser Lake, Ohio. Special skates, designed by a blacksmith, fasten to the hooves in the usual manner.

  1. Charlene says: April 29, 20097:34 am

    Why is he putting lipstick on the gorilla?

  2. Al says: April 29, 20097:57 am

    I assume it’s taxidermy paint to make the lips look right for exhibit… If not, what goes on behind closed doors should stay there…. 🙂


  3. Don says: April 29, 20099:39 am

    The “Strange” part I get . . . but “Science” ?

  4. Tom says: April 29, 20091:17 pm

    “That sounds as useful as putting lipstick on a gorilla.”

  5. Toronto says: April 29, 20092:28 pm

    Never mind the gorilla – what about bandaging a cat that doens’t have anything wrong with it? That looks like a painful thing to do (for the human.)

  6. StanFlouride says: April 29, 20092:58 pm

    To paraphrase the governor of Alaska: “You can put lipstick on a gorilla but…”

  7. israel says: May 13, 200910:52 am

    How is it a 34″ man can figure out how to drive a car but not how to feed a meter?

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