Streamline Shell PEPS UP Motorcycle (Mar, 1931)

Streamline Shell PEPS UP Motorcycle

JOE SZAKACS, of Lincoln, Nebraska, has equipped his motorcycle with a 22 gauge aluminum shell which, besides improving the appearance of his machine, has increased the speed and reduced the weight by four pounds.

Only two pieces of strap steel, shaped to fit, were needed. Access to the engine is gained through three round snap-shut doors, each using a single hinge and a small arrangement comprising a steel coil spring which is connected to the door inside the shell. This spring rides in a rounded metal groove and prevents binding.

Most of the jointing was done with small rivets through a light strip of steel placed underneath and carrying a row of rivets through each adjoining aluminum edge. The front wheel was equipped with an aluminum disc to hide the spokes, while the rear wheel is not so equipped. Cranking the engine, shifting gears, and other details are as easy as before the shell was made. The paint job is a bright orange.

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  1. Wordwrench says: June 28, 20116:57 pm

    Looks like a pre-1930 Harley J or JD under all that. Very cool!

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