Streets Paved With Tree Stumps (Apr, 1934)

Streets Paved With Tree Stumps
IN THE borough of Birkenwerder, just north of Berlin, Germany, streets are being paved with round disks of wood cut from the trunks of trees.

A heavy handsaw mounted on the rear of a truck and driven directly by the engine cuts the logs into cylinders at the exact spot they are to be used. Six foot logs are cut from trees in a nearby forest and hauled to the handsaw to be cut into cylinders, all of the same length.

Workmen stack the wood cylinders on end on a previously prepared cement or tar pavement base. The street is then sprinkled with oil to waterproof the wood and prevent excessive expansion from moisture.

  1. Bob says: January 14, 20088:40 am

    I recall reading about something similar being used for factory floors about the same time. It would be a lot easier walking on than concrete floors.

  2. Skipweasel says: January 14, 20089:10 am

    Warren Street in London was like this – I remember bits of it being dug up in the 80s, though the blocks were square not round.
    Mum said large parts of London were like that and they burned nicely in the Blitz. Dad missed that bit ‘cos he was in Burma.

  3. Richard C says: January 14, 20085:00 pm

    Years ago, I used to work at Pratt & Whitney Aircraft in Florida, makers of jet engines. Their factory floor was paved in oiled soft wood like this, though the tiles were rectangular, not round. Small engine parts can be very expensive, and can be easily damaged by dropping onto a concrete floor. A wooden floor is soft enough to “give” a bit and reduce the chance of damage somewhat.

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