Studebaker Builds World’s Largest Auto — 41 Feet Long (Dec, 1930)

Sometimes you have to wonder… Just because they didn’t have photoshop doesn’t mean they couldn’t fake photos.

Studebaker Builds World’s Largest Auto — 41 Feet Long
AT THE entrance of the Studebaker proving grounds, in South Bend, Indiana, stands the world’s largest automobile—so large that an ordinary car can be placed under its hood. This mammoth car, shown above, weighs five and a half tons, and is 41 feet long—two and a half times the length of the ordinary car.

  1. Jim Dunn says: October 23, 200710:31 am

    Or as we know it, a Ford Excursion.

  2. Stannous says: October 23, 200711:21 am

    LOL at Jim’s comment

  3. Firebrand38 says: October 23, 200712:13 pm

    Charlie, it’s not a fake. I was suspicious as well but the backstory is pretty fascinating and can be found in detail here http://www.studebakerdr…

  4. Neil Russell says: October 23, 20071:14 pm

    Thanks for finding that background info Firebrand.
    I’m from Indiana and a huge Studebaker fan and never heard of that thing.

    Not to mention I love giant advertising icons. A bowling alley just isn’t a bowling alley without giant pins out front!!

  5. Firebrand38 says: October 23, 20072:19 pm

    You’re welcome. Its a shame that Studebaker decided to destroy the car in 1936. Its like old movie studios destroying films after showings to recover the silver. Funny how sensibilities change.

  6. Neil Russell says: October 23, 20074:18 pm

    I feel that way whenever they knock down an old casino in Vegas.

    At least there are pictures!

  7. Firebrand38 says: October 23, 20075:11 pm

    Or how the first years of Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show are lost because the videotapes were reused repeatedly.

  8. Neil Russell says: October 23, 20078:44 pm

    Now we’re on a roll, how about seeing those cans of lost celluloid film from the silent era that have deteriorated beyond repair?

    And the only reason the Marmon Wasp survived to be restored and put in the Indy 500 museum is because it sat on the roof of a junkyard building while dozens of its siblings were crushed for scrap during WWII.
    When he was a kid, my uncle used to walk by the place every day and scored a bunch of name plates from the old racers.

  9. Ray B. says: October 25, 20078:32 am

    Sure it’s not a fake. Here ia an another article about it, and photos of its destruction.……

  10. Charlie says: October 25, 20079:24 am

    I never said it was a fake. I just said it looked liked one. Actually one thing I love is when people look at one of these images and instantly assume it’s a photoshop job. This one is my favorite http://blog.modernmecha….

    Someone linked to that on another blog and all the commenters were complaining how bad a job the person had done in photoshop.

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