Students Now “Fly” without Leaving Ground (May, 1929)

I’m not sure this would actually help you learn how to fly, but I’ll bet it would be really fun for kids. Someone should make one of these now and hook it up to a flight sim.

Students Now “Fly” without Leaving Ground

ALL the sensations of looping the loop. going into a tail spin, and flying blind through fog are afforded students of the Array Air Corps at Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio, by an ingenious “primer plane” that never leaves the ground. A miniature fuselage, fitted with a propeller, ailerons, elevators, and rudder, is attached to an electrically-operated framework, and in the cockpit a prospective pilot does his first “flying” in safety.

With his feet on the rudder bar and his hand on the “joy” stick, with the propeller roaring before him and the air rushing past, the student puts the device through various evolutions. Each movement of the control stick or rudder bar results in the same reaction that follows such a movement in actual flight. Thus, the beginner becomes familiar with the controls without risking a crash.

A second lever and bar allows an instructor, outside the device, to maneuver it suddenly into all sorts of positions to test the student’s ability to react coolly in a crisis. If an error is made, the motor is shut off and a conference takes place.

On the instrument board of the “primer plane” practically all the instruments carried in a regular airplane are mounted. “Blind” flying is taught by placing over the student’s head a hood that shuts off the horizon but permits him to watch his instruments.

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