Stunt Artist Broadcasts Feelings During Parachute Jump (Jan, 1935)

Stunt Artist Broadcasts Feelings During Parachute Jump

ALL the thrills of parachute jumping with none of its perils were recently experienced by spectators and radio listeners when Maximilian Skupin, stunt artist, broadcast his sensations while falling through space over the airport at Staaken, Germany.

In one hand Skupin held a short wave antenna composed of three metal blades criss-crossed to form a hexagon. Around his waist were strapped two carrying cases containing the transmitter and batteries. A small microphone similar to the mouthpiece used by switchboard operators was suspended just below his mouth. Skupin’s body served as a counterpoise, or ground, for the unique experiment.

  1. Charlene says: October 24, 20084:16 am

    Anybody else imagining a bunch of parachutists singing, “Feeeeliiiinngs, Wooa wooa wooa feeeeeliiings.. wooa wooa wooa….”

  2. Toronto says: October 24, 20087:13 pm

    I’d hate to think of the “Feelings” you’d get if you landed on your antenna. That thing looks like an anti-personnel device.

  3. Rick Auricchio says: October 24, 20088:16 pm

    All I could think of (besides the song) was “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

  4. David Moisan says: October 25, 20088:40 am

    or, “oh sh……..”

  5. jayessell says: October 25, 20081:52 pm

    David, there was a guy who took his two-piece portable VCR skydiving.
    (Early 1980s, home video was fairly new.)
    He failed to perform his pre-jump parachute check setting up the VCR.
    Not sure if it’s on YouTube or not.
    There where some obsenities where the ‘pull ripcord’ should have been.

  6. John M. Hanna says: October 26, 20081:13 am

    Full transmission of broadcast:

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