Style note for Spring (Apr, 1939)

“IT’S the style this year to have a car you can see out of.”

It’s true. However cool looking they may have been, totally opaque cars had abysmal safety records.

Style note for Spring

IT’S the style this year to have a car you can see out of. And in the Buick pictured here, the total glass area has been increased 412 square inches — all safety plate glass — with 30 per cent more area in the windshield alone. That increased visibility gives you a view of the traffic — and the world around you—that’s a new note in safety too in General Motors cars this year Add to this the honest craftsmanship, the solid comfort and silent security you get in Body by Fisher — add the convenience and protection of Fisher No Draft Ventilation and you’ll know why smart motorists say . . . “For ’39, better pick the car with Body by Fisher,” which means a General Motors car of course.

“BUICK’S THE BEAUTY” quite obviously in more ways than one. And you get more than a hint of that from, its new Body by Fisher—a beauty on all counts — in style, safety, luxury and comfort.

on General Motors cars only: Chevrolet • Pontiac • Oldsmobile • Buick • La Salle • Cadillac

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  1. Stephen says: June 13, 20124:30 am

    The nearest thing to a car you CAN’T see out of was the infamous Flying Wombat. It was also extremely difficult to steer, because the front wheels were faired in a way that meant they could hardly turn. But, if you didn’t mind neither being able to see what you were about to hit nor to avoid it if you did see it, you could drive it at more than a hundred miles an hour.…

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