“Sugar-Coated” Electricity Builds Strength and Health (Mar, 1922)

Yum, sugar-coated electricity.

If you would like to learn more about these miraculous devices, this site has some good info. They also have some available for sale. Or just pick one up on ebay.

With health insurance rates going through the roof, can you really afford NOT to have your own Violet Ray machine?

“Sugar-Coated” Electricity Builds Strength and Health

Absolutely shockless and painless, overcomes nervousness, banishes aches and pains, renews the vigor of youth and builds healthy, well-developed bodies

Thousands of volts of stimulating, up-building, high frequency electricity—as painless and pleasant as a ray of sunshine—can be sprayed into any weak, diseased or under-developed part of your body. Instantly you will feel its healing, strengthening, tonic effect. You will feel the warm, fresh blood surge to the treated part, bringing with it the tissue-building and disease-fighting forces that Nature provides. Poisons and diseased tissues will be washed away, pains and inflammations relieved and the part treated will be nourished and strengthened. It literally helps Nature build new bodies.

Renulife VIOLET RAY High Frequency makes it possible for you to secure the benefits of this wonderful treatment at home. The simple, durable and efficient Renulife Generator takes current from your light socket and transforms it into the life-giving, health-building Violet Ray, that penetrates and saturates he entire body. It increases the oxygen content of the blood, increases the number of germ-fighting white corpuscles and sends the blood coursing throughout the body with renewed vigor. It aids the digestive process and the assimilation of food. It helps Nature throw off waste products and poisons. It stimulates every organ to healthy, normal activity.

Read This PROOF

Renulife Treatment is a household remedy in 50,000 homes. This is ample proof of its virtue- We have thousands of testimonials telling of the benefits derived in cases where all other treatments have failed.

To get equal satisfaction, be sure that the generator you buy is a RENULIFE. There are many imitators, but the genuine RENULIFE Generator is supreme in it’s field. In curative value, mechanical excellence and durability it is vastly superior. Genuine RENULIFE Generators are sold by a fully responsible company under guarantee of satisfaction or money back.

Get the genuine and be sure of maximum benefits.

You May Expect Benefits Like These—

“It is health-giving and invigorating, makes the blood circulate and gives you renewed pep.”

“Have had marked results in Us use in Neuritis, Rheumatism, Flu and the most difficult scalp diseases.”

“Have found it most beneficial in treatment of Nervous Exhaustion, Indigestion, Neuralgia, Insomnia, Boils, etc.”

“Am treating about 30 patients daily and haven’t failed to get results in a single case.”

“I am now entirely relieved of the acne.”

“It is helping my back very much.”

“I have cured a lame knee that has bothered me for two years.”

“My hair has entirely stopped falling out.”

“I am entirely cured of a goitre since using your Model C Generator.”

“It has helped me so much that I have stopped wearing glasses after wearing them 15 years.”

“In the treatment of eczema am getting wonderful results.”

“My hearing has improved wonderfully.”

Just a few of our thousands of testimonials.

Send for Free “HEALTH” Book

It tells of treatment and results obtained in more than a hundred diseases, weaknesses and painful disorders. If you are interested in developing a healthy, strong, body and steady nerves, send for your copy now. It will come to you by return mail.

Treats Successfully

Skin Diseases
Falling Hair
More than fifty other disorders.

Renulife Electric Co.
1003 Newberry Bide., Detroit, Mich.

In Canada, Netting Building, Windsor, Ont.

1922 Renulife Models Offer the Utmost In Violet Ray Values
7 Models to Select From—Priced Within Reach of All

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