Sugar Violin Plays Music (Apr, 1931)

Sugar Violin Plays Music

CONSTRUCTED entirely of sugar by Adolph Hubner, a San Francisco confectioner and sculptor, the novel violin shown above produces excellent music. The instrument was first modeled in cardboard, and finally modeled in sugar with gum tragacanth. A number of famous- violinists have pronounced the instrument excellent in tone.

  1. Hirudinea says: May 18, 20119:38 am

    I’ed never be able to play this thing, I’ed lick it to death!

  2. rick s. says: May 18, 201111:25 am

    I find it a bit hard to believe that it actually plays. I seriously doubt that it can be tuned at all because there is tremendous tension on the neck when those strings are brought to pitch. I can’t believe that sugar would be able to tolerate that much force. Yes, I do believe that he made it of sugar but that it can be played so that professional violinists would think it excellent in tone . . . not a chance. As the car talk guys would say Bo o o o o o GUS!


  3. Jari says: May 19, 201111:27 am

    Hiru: Good luck with that 🙂 If it’s made from sugar fried in high temperature as I suspect, it tastes awful (as anything half-burned does) and doesn’t actually melt from the moisture. It feels like plastic and is very hard stuff, so you probably couldn’t even get a bite from it. That last one was also for Rick.

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