Suitcase Is Emergency Crib (Oct, 1940)

Suitcase Is Emergency Crib
Unable to bring a baby’s cot aboard a war-refugee ship from the Mediterranean island of Malta, an ingenious mother converted a suitcase into a combination bed and carriage for her four-month-old son. The illustration above shows them packed for the trip, with the baby watching the view through an improvised window. A lettered sign insured careful handling of the crib.

  1. Stannous says: September 7, 200611:27 am

    Gotta love the word BABY on the side but where’s the THIS END UP-> and FRAGILE stickers.
    Think they’ll let me leave the kid inside when I put it through the x-ray machine at the airport?

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  3. mrchurchill109 says: June 21, 20079:17 am

    I don’t know why, but the minute I saw this I thought that it was going to be expensive – this poor kid was going to be in therapy for claustrophobia for YEARS….

    It’s a logical outgrowth, though – in poorer days a makeshift cradle was often made with two chairs and a bureau drawer – suitably padded, of course.


  4. Jeff says: January 22, 20082:52 pm

    I love the outside of the case: BABY. Reminds me of generic food packaging from about 30 years ago…

  5. Eric says: December 9, 20085:10 pm

    Hey dumbasses! I’m sure these people had more important things to worry about like being strafed by the Germans and Italians, being bombed by the Germans and Italians, being shelled by the Germans and Italians or being torpedoes by the Germans and Italians.

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