I think that woman has been smoking something else out of a tube…


INDOOR SUNSHINE While you work or play from a FLUORESCENT SUN LAMP

Here’s a totally new kind of sun lamp . . . different from any ever made!

Now—enjoy wide-area radiation. Whole rooms, such as in homes, offices, schools, factories, amusement and recreation areas, can be bathed with cool ultraviolet rays that stimulate health-building Vitamin D. Here, low intensities are used for longer periods.

Now—enjoy quick individual sun tanning.

Use higher intensities for short exposures. Ideal for bathrooms, bedrooms, sun rooms, or private offices. Inexpensive lamp holders or reflectors provide an easy means of application. Quickly and conveniently that healthy, handsome vacation look can be yours!

Yes, this is a revolutionary sun lamp! It has five times the efficiency and four times the life of the conventional sun lamp. And it costs less to buy and less to run!

Be first to enjoy this exclusive Westinghouse development. See your local dealer soon … or mail the coupon for a booklet . giving complete details. And meanwhile, keep your weather-eye on Westinghouse . . . for more sunshine!


YOU can be SURE…if it’s Westinghouse

  1. rsterling78 says: February 16, 20092:49 am

    Yes, ladies, there’s nothing like ceiling-mounted fluorescent lighting to accentuate every wrinkle, bag under the eye, and nasolabial fold.

  2. rick says: February 16, 200912:37 pm

    I don’t know about that. The gal in the foreground sure seems happy with it.


  3. MrG says: February 16, 20091:53 pm

    She didn’t seem smoked up. More like she’d been knocking down shots of espresso. Cheers — MrG / http://www.vectorsite.n…

  4. Toronto says: February 16, 20093:00 pm

    “Now—enjoy wide-area radiation” is the sort of slogan you just don’t hear much these days.

  5. Rick Auricchio says: February 16, 20093:41 pm

    Yeah, Doris Day on espresso.

  6. John M. Hanna says: February 16, 200911:12 pm

    Maybe she is just impressed by how ‘long’ it is.

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