Super Health – What Does It Mean? (Aug, 1930)

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Super Health – What Does It Mean?

Bernarr Macfadden’s Personal Message
Decoration by ROBERT A. CAMERON

MOST people consider themselves healthy.

If they are able to eat three meals daily and perform their regular duties—do not need medical advice—they take it for granted that they are enjoying good health.

But super health is something far beyond the physical status that enables one to merely assume usual responsibilities without pain or discomfort.

It might be termed super-normal functioning.

It can become a dominating, commanding force.

It penetrates the bodily tissues throughout their every part.

Every living cell within the human sanctuary adds its song of praise.

Super health makes you vividly alive to your very fingertips.

You feel everything more keenly, more intensely. You live in the highest, most vivid sense.

Your zest for life at times is overpowering. Just to be alive, to breathe the air, often makes the nerves vibrate with tingling intensity!

It is at such times that health seems to intoxicate one with its vital aliveness.

It is then that you feel like running and jumping.

It is difficult to walk because you want to run. You move about as though you are treading on air. You just soar along in the dreamy enjoyment of merely being alive.

You have a feeling of physical well-being that is at times so vividly intense you just bubble over with happiness.

You greet your friends with a cheery smile. You want them to share your joys.

You have a pleasant feeling toward everybody. The world is then full of friends. You have no enemies; or, if you have, they are forgotten.

You are just happy!

And you hardly know the reason why. You could not analyze your feelings if you were asked to do so.

But then life is so good to you! And you throb and thrill frequently with vibrant ecstasies.

Oh, dear readers, it is indeed an appalling calamity—the inability of people to realize the munificent physical riches that are sleeping, waiting to be claimed through scientific health-building.

You just expand under such an influence until you hardly know yourself.

You leave all your crabbedness and sourness behind.

You enter a new life! You are reborn!

And you are at times stirred to the very depths of your soul by rapturous imaginings.

Super health! What a glorious possession it is!

Anyone with such physical wealth is rich in this world’s goods. He may be lacking in financial capital, but he is abundantly rich; multimillionaires may well envy those who enjoy such beneficence.

Money is a great power! It means much to one’s life if it is used wisely.

But physical riches are worth more than all the money in the world.

Super health is a boon beyond compare. It makes life a joyous, delightful experience. It fills you with poise and power. It makes you an outstanding he-man, or a vital specimen of womanhood.

If you have somehow missed super health, if you miss the zest and enthusiasm that comes with this possession, do not lose a single day—no, not an hour—take advantage of the first opportunity to secure these glorious riches.

Such a munificent heritage is fully within the reach of those who acquire the necessary knowledge —and then determine, regardless of the cost, that they will reap these bounteous rewards.

  1. Jari says: November 12, 20105:09 pm

    Okay, there are times, when I’m at the top of the world and feel that I could achieve >anything<. But what's the point of this article? How to grow the Wings of Mercury on my ankles? Or is Bernarr trying to sell me something?

  2. Firebrand38 says: November 12, 20106:20 pm

    Jari: I can see the confusion. Bernarr MacFadden was the publisher of this magazine and this is just a kind of Editorial/Introduction. And yeah, he was also trying to sell something. Books for one thing (a lot of books) some samples are below:…………

  3. Jari says: November 13, 20101:48 pm

    FB38: Thanks. As an editorial, it makes sense. After a quick glance of some of his books, it seems that they all recommends about the same things: Exercise daily, eat healthy, bathe regularly, have a goal, don’t stress and sleep windows open.

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