I’m not really sure I’d put Newark, NJ on a list of the nation’s greatest cities…


A thirteen-mile superhighway linking two of the nation’s greatest cities has just been opened between New York City and Newark, N. J. Starting at the New Jersey end of the Holland vehicular tunnel, its steel-and-concrete viaduct soars across rivers, marshes and crossroads to permit high-speed motor traffic. By this route, mail trucks from the transcontinental airport at Newark will reach New York in a fraction of the time now required. Shown below in a striking aerial view, the $21,000,000 highway is called the costliest per mile ever built but the densely populated section it serves is said to justify the expense.

  1. Hirudinea says: March 8, 20138:30 am

    And so began that famous N.Y. drivers curse, “Go back to Jersey ya *******!”

  2. EMF says: March 8, 20139:58 am

    In 1933 Newark, NJ was still a big deal. After WW2, no. It is a very large city though. I live two towns over and avoid it when I can.

  3. Toronto says: March 8, 201312:39 pm

    I’m going to be in Manhattan next week. Are you suggesting I *don’t* book the walking tour of the Holland Tunnel?

    (Actually, I *am* planning on the Broklyn bridge walkway and the 59th street bridge Tramway, among other transportation-related items.)

  4. MitchA says: March 8, 20135:21 pm

    The Pulaski Skyway still looks almost the same today. To the left of the bridge in the upper center is the Kearney Generating station and it’s still there and operating today.
    Wikipedia has a short history of the highway……

  5. EMF says: March 11, 20139:55 am

    To Toronto: The Brooklyn Bridge walkway is really nice to do! I do it ever other year with my Father-in-law on his birthday.
    Watch out for bicyclists as they think walkers are targets, especially if you are a little close to the left side of the middle of the walkway (bicyclists to the left walkers to the right).

  6. Toronto says: March 14, 20133:51 pm

    #EMF – as a cyclist myself, I’m fairly aware of them (and wish I had wheels in NYC.) I walked the bridge today, and warned two families walking abreast about bikes approaching from behind.

    I’m going to walk it again tomorrow, as well as going to Shopsin’s Restaurant. I’m hoping it’ll be warmer than today was.

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