Surplus Plane Tank Converted into Small Racer (Mar, 1948)

Surplus Plane Tank Converted into Small Racer

Aluminum jettison tanks obtained from war surplus are used for the bodies of small racers that the E. K. Car gill Company, of Macon, Ga., plans to put on the market.

The racer is powered by a two-cylinder air cooled opposed engine that gives a speed
of 50 m.p.h. and does 75 miles on a gallon of gasoline. The chassis, differential, and transmission are of Austin manufacture, the fenders come from motor scooters, and aircraft wheels and seat are used. There’s a large storage space behind the seat.

  1. Neil Russell says: March 25, 20087:45 pm

    EK Cargill is pretty well known in south GA, although I never heard of the surplus business and mini car thing.
    He was one of the partners in the founding of WMAZ radio in Macon. There’s a short blurb on some of the other things he did in this bio about one of the other partners:…

  2. KA Turner says: March 26, 20082:42 pm

    They had a war surplus dealer on Forsyth Road?! I live in Macon and that street is supposed to be where the “upper crust” have their stores and homes. I guess times do change, don’t they. I will say this; I sure wish he kept that place open: I love war surplus yards!

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