Swedish Clock Tells Time of Cities Anywhere on Globe (Sep, 1929)

It’s a good thing this clock was unsuccessful, otherwise war rooms would look a lot less cool. If you walk into a room that has clocks for New York, Berlin, Moscow and Bejing on the walls, you know you are someplace important!

Swedish Clock Tells Time of Cities Anywhere on Globe
THE exact time, day or night, in any country in the world can be determined by a glance at this clock shown at left. It is displayed in a hotel in Stockholm, Sweden, and enables tourists and visitors to ascertain the correct time in any foreign place they desire. It is operated electrically and has ten hands. Each hand is labeled distinctly so that the different systems of various countries will not be confused. A mail schedule is posted at the side of the clock. The face represents a world map.

  1. Blurgle says: August 5, 20077:38 pm

    Unless the part of the world you’re interested in happens to be in one of the other 14 time zones, that is.

  2. Stannous says: August 5, 200711:53 pm

    There used to be a travel agency in SF that had a row of clocks from places like Ougadougou, Paramaribo, Woomara, Krasnojarsk, and Paris, Texas.
    Very subtle and amusing and wonderfully completely useless.

    They told me that the clocks were there when they rented the store, they just changed the cities.

  3. Ferret says: August 7, 20072:26 am

    Not totally unsuccessful, in principle. Some (maybe all) passenger ships between Sweden and Finland have clocks with one hour hand painted as a Swedish and one as a Finnish flag.

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