Am I the only one who thinks this looks a bit like the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile?


SWEDISH carrot juice maker Sig-vard Berggren built his own Future. That’s the name of his dream car which looks like a wingless plane. He installed a Ford V8 engine in a ’38 Dodge chassis and plans to add a 200-hp mill in the rear, to give the Future a 140-mph-plus speed. That’s a real fast-flying Swede.

FUTURE was built in spare time, looks strikingly like a plane.
FISH EYES are headlights and the huge gills are the air inlets.
BUILDER Berggren, left, with Lennart Josefson. his assistant.
CABIN behind driver’s seat has ample room for table, chairs.

  1. Paul Nolan says: November 25, 20077:26 pm

    Yes, the Weinermobile on steroids.

  2. Roger K says: January 19, 20099:33 am

    It’s still around, tucked away unrestored (like most all of the other vehicles) in Svedino’s museum in the south western part of Sweden. No 200 hp mill – the flathead Ford V8 stayed until it was retired.. not too long after this article? 1959 seems rather late for this type of design, I think I’ve seen swedish magazine articles on this car in the early 50’s.

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