Swimmer Eats While Floating (Dec, 1938)

Swimmer Eats While Floating
In training for a projected long-distance swim from Atlantic City, N. J., to the water-front site of the World’s Fair in New York City, Norris Kellam, 381-pound endurance swimmer, is shown at the right practicing the technique of eating while floating on his back. During his swim, Kellam plans to lunch once every two hours.

  1. Ray B. says: April 17, 20082:16 am

    Quite a useful technique he’s got. I’ll think of it next time I step into the bathtub.

  2. KoXa says: April 17, 20085:57 am

    I hope he’s got a waterproof lunch bag….and that sharks don’t like PB&J.

  3. fluffy says: April 17, 200811:01 am

    I wonder where he planned on keeping the milk bottles while he was swimming.

  4. Rick Auricchio says: April 17, 20088:15 pm

    And that technique certainly won’t work in the open ocean, where the water isn’t glassy-smooth.

  5. Eamon says: April 18, 20087:08 am

    “Kellam plans to lunch once every two hours.”
    It looks like he already does.

  6. j. says: April 19, 200811:52 pm

    ..and after, he needs the ‘Weil Reducing Belt’ (to be admired somewhere else on this wonderful site)

  7. Phil says: April 2, 201110:27 am

    What is special about this. FAT always floats. Looks like this poor guy ate 24/7!!

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