Swimming Students Learn Strokes From Machine Teacher (Nov, 1931)

Swimming Students Learn Strokes From Machine Teacher
ON a casual glance at the contraption shown in the photo at the left, you would think it one of Rube Goldberg’s latest inventions. But you’re wrong, for it’s a machine to teach perfect swimming strokes. The student rests in a belt cradle as shown, while his feet and hands connect with handles in the mechanical arms. A system of gears and levers to which the guide arms are connected serve to compel movements that conform to correct outlines as set forth by swimming experts.

  1. MAKE: Blog says: September 11, 20067:16 pm

    Learning how to swim… from a machine…

    In good ole days, you’d strap yourself to a huge machine to perfect those swimming strokes – Link…….

  2. […] photo credits: jimskipper.com,  nationaal archief, modernmachanix.com […]

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