Swimming Taught by Telephone (Jun, 1934)

Swimming Taught by Telephone

BY MEANS of a special headset and transmitter, a San Francisco coach is teaching swimming via telephone. The instructor stands on the edge of the pool and relays advice to his pupil in the water.

Specially prepared, waterproof transmitters and receivers, plus a length of telephone wire, comprise the set which operates on a charge of three volts. The advantage of the device is that faults are corrected while the swimmer is in action.

  1. Eamon says: March 9, 200810:25 am

    The disadvantage is that you’re and inexperienced swimmer with a telephone cord tied to your head.

  2. Bob says: March 9, 20083:18 pm

    Eamon, that is an advantage, not a disadvantage. Now they can haul you in by the telephone cord.

  3. Blurgle says: March 9, 20088:37 pm

    “Hey, Fred! Readership’s down. Go get a shot of a couple of broads in swimsuits, all right?”

    Looks up, confused. “For Modern Mechanix, Bob?”

    “Yeah.” Scratches head. “Put headphones on ’em and have a guy hold – I don’t know, some dingamahookey he can speak into. I’ll call it ‘Swimming Lessons by Telephone’.” Smiles. “Damn, I’m good.”

  4. Mike Brisendine says: March 10, 20082:46 am

    Hmm…maybe just yelling the instructions would be easier. Talk about over-engineering! I think Blurgle has figured out the correct scenario. Though it looks like it would work fine if the swimmers only swam five feet.

  5. Hawkins Dale says: April 9, 20085:23 pm

    Yo, Fred! Make sure they’re leaning over, towards the camera.

  6. SisterCrystal says: August 13, 20088:23 am

    This sounds like a great idea! Wait… is it safe to swim while talking on a cell phone?

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