Swinging Arm Dolls Bring Extra Revenue (Jan, 1933)

Swinging Arm Dolls Bring Extra Revenue

FOR the person who desires to earn extra income in spare moments, these swinging-arm dolls will bring in some welcome revenue. The originator used three patterns, a sailor and the “Dutch Twins,” which proved very popular when put on display along a main highway.

With old wooden packing boxes laid out in 1/2″ squares as material, mark the patterns according to the squared charts shown above. Before cutting out the figures, bore a hole through the shoulders and up one leg, as shown by dotted lines in diagrams at the right.

The sailor’s hat is made of thin wood cut in circular shape and nailed to the head. Bore a hole through the under side of each arm about %” deep and a 1″ hole lengthwise to take the wire which passes through the shoulders.

Straight grained shingles or thin wood will do for paddles. Fasten them by driving a small brad or wire pin through the joint. Set the paddles at an angle (about 45 degrees) allowing easy turning by the wind.

When assembly is made, be sure to leave a small space between the arms and the body to permit swelling of the wood.

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