Swinging Tanning Lamp (May, 1949)

Ahh the Waco Aircraft Company, long known for it’s fine tanning products.

Roving arm with ultraviolet bulb paints sun lovers full-length, a side at a time

AT least one of the rigors of artificial sun-tanning is eliminated by a new sun lamp with a moving bulb: You don’t have to keep moving either the lamp or yourself to insure an even tan. Orbitan takes care of that by swinging a standard 275-watt ultraviolet bulb in a straight, level path as long as six feet. Moving back and forth it gives you an even tan from head to toe.

An optional accessory is an electric timer which will turn off the lamp at the end of a desired period of sunning. The timer gives a warning sound 20 seconds before switching off the current. This permits resetting and additional tanning in another position without waiting for the bulb to cool before it is relighted.
The lamp alone costs about $30; with bulb, about $38; the timer costs about $10. Appliance Division, Waco Aircraft Company, Troy, Ohio.

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