Switch Closes Window, Turns on Heat for Early Riser (Feb, 1932)

Switch Closes Window, Turns on Heat for Early Riser

THERE would be fewer people late for work these winter mornings if the room were warm enough to permit arising in comfort, but a warm room is impossible if we keep the windows up to scare the T. B. bugs away.

That is, it was impossible until the inventive genius of G. A. Brewer, a sophomore at Western Reserve Academy, came to the rescue of himself at least.

The alarm clock wakes Mr. Brewer, even as you and I. But does Mr. Brewer throw the clock out the window and pull the covers over his head? He does not! He merely reaches over and throws a switch, which closes the window and turns on the radiator. Give us the combination, Mr. Brewer.

  1. fluffy says: November 16, 20083:37 am

    Was it believed that warm air was what caused tuberculosis? Wikipedia only mentions that in the early 20th century, people believed it was caused by masturbation, but I don’t see how keeping the window open would prevent that.

  2. Mike says: November 16, 20089:57 am

    If Wikipedia says it, it must be true.

  3. Rick says: November 17, 20083:06 pm

    Looks like a contraption devised by Wallis in one of the Wallis and Grommet animations.

  4. George says: November 18, 20087:49 pm

    Looks like early MIT room automation.



  5. mike says: February 17, 20091:32 pm

    Isn’t that Ferris Buller in that bed?

  6. Anne says: February 25, 200910:33 am

    I think it was believed that fresh air (hence the open window) would keep you from catching, or cure, tuberculosis. No doubt this is partly true; at least the bit about not catching it. Since getting “fresh air” meant that you weren’t likely to be around people with T.B. anyway, which would make catching it difficult. But I doubt “fresh air” was quite as effective as they used to believe.

  7. George Trudeau says: February 25, 200910:42 am

    You can find photos online of TB patients in hospital beds that are outside on the lawn. This was part of the “cure” at Dr. Trudeau’s Sanitorium at Sarnac Lake in NY. (I only know this because that’s my last name (not Sarnac))

  8. George Trudeau says: February 25, 200910:44 am

    Oh, and I’m absolutely no relation to that screwball Kevin Trudeau!

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