Table Server Saves Ice Cubes (Nov, 1933)

Actually, I think that this would make the cubes melt faster since they have more exposed surface area…

Table Server Saves Ice Cubes
DESIGNED to keep ice cubes from freezing together, a table server has been marketed with a separate compartment for each cube. Its manufacturers claim ice will melt less quickly in the server than in the ordinary pail or dish.

  1. Neil Russell says: April 13, 20087:50 am

    Looks like they were trying to come up with another use for a stove top toast maker.
    I want to know how I can get those perfect ice cubes they have there, that appears to be a technology that is lost to the ages

  2. Benzene says: April 13, 20089:31 pm

    They’re airbrushed.

  3. Neil Russell says: April 14, 200811:15 am

    Darn them and their Jurassic PhotoShopping!!

  4. Blurgle says: April 14, 20088:39 pm

    Are they airbrushed or are they Bakelite?

  5. Daniel Rutter says: April 14, 200810:34 pm

    Given the date, the cubes were probably cut from clear block ice. It’s not difficult to get beautiful results that way – it’s the same kind of ice (though not made the same way) as is today used for little but ice sculptures.

  6. blast says: April 25, 20089:47 pm

    Truly a graceful and elegant touch to any high-end restaurant table. Or something.

    The Google ads offering “Ice Cubes” and (perhaps more honesty) “Ice Cubes Melting” – awesome touch, here.

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