Table-Top Photos of Grasshoppers (Jun, 1952)

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Here’s an unusual photographic hobby:

Table-Top Photos of Grasshoppers

CREATING LIFELIKE SCENES in miniature is Dr. Lehman Wendell’s way of relaxing. The Minneapolis dentist arranges his insect “actors” with dime-store props. Their stage is the top of a tahle in the basement; lighting is supplied by two ordinary bulbs, one cm each side. Dr. Wendell snaps the scenes with a single-lens reflex camera and does his own processing.

  1. Stannous says: June 9, 20062:09 pm

    Dr Wendell looks SO serious in that 1st pic

  2. Jeffery Wright says: October 24, 20071:57 pm

    are these dead when he poses them? ghoulish grasshopper corpse pics… this guy had issues

  3. Lev Galicia says: August 8, 20102:54 pm
  4. Toronto says: August 8, 20104:52 pm

    I understand the main character in “Dinner for Schmucks” does this with mice.

    Tableaus, that is, not speaking Esperanto. Mice don’t speak that as far as I know.

  5. Firebrand38 says: August 8, 20106:28 pm

    Toronto: So did the Janitor from Scrubs

  6. Toronto says: August 8, 20108:41 pm

    Firebrand – really? I either totally missed that or killed the neuron that should have remembered – thanks!

  7. Firebrand38 says: August 8, 20109:32 pm

    Toronto: You’re welcome. Just click on the link I provided and watch him addressing his Squirrel Army

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