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HAVE YOU HEARD THE NEW SOUND OF ACCURACY? It’s the hushed hum of ACCUTRON! (Oct, 1961)


It’s the hushed hum of ACCUTRON!

ACCUTRON-so revolutionary-so accurate, it’s the first timepiece in history that’s guaranteed 99.9977% accurate on your wrist!

Put your ear to the new Accutron and listen carefully. It doesn’t tick, it hums softly (in F sharp).

Own the World’s most perfect watch… (Nov, 1979)

This ad is wonderful. They manage to take every, quite considerable, fault of this watch and turn it into a feature. Because of the giant solar panel that covers the face of the watch you get the “Natural Side-View Window lets you tell the time, day, and date without twisting your arm into an obvious, awkward position.”.

Then there is the amazing 1 second per month accuracy. All you have to do us use the incredibly simple mode #4 to set your programmable speed calibration and leap year settings. This of course gives you the power to calibrate your watch for any local climactic or magnetic conditions. I don’t know about you, but my watch always runs a little fast when it’s snowing outside.

Own the World’s most perfect watch…

The only “PURE-SOLAR” timepiece in existence. Guaranteed to outperform any watch sold today…or costs you nothing!

The Sunwatch… never needs batteries… accurate to within 1 second per month…virtually Indestructible, beautifully styled sport/dress watch.

An engineering/design breakthrough In space-age timekeeping technology…that now makes all other watches obsolete: ¦ 100% sun-powered, no batteries that need replacing. Clearly visible by day or night. ¦ Unique side-window view, simplifies reading. ¦ Built-in computer calendar – no need to ever re-set the watch (Not even in 31 -day months and leap years!) ¦ Unprecedented accuracy – you program the Sunwatch’s computer to stay accurate within 1 -second per month!