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The only paragraph where he mentions the actual people of Africa:

Racial tension is another vital consideration. Kenya, for instance, has its terrible Mau Maus, now on the wane but still something to reckon with. In the Union of South Africa, there is immense, unorganized resentment growing among the non-whites against the white man’s absolute, rigid supremacy. And a good place to stay away from is the shooting-war area of Algeria where the tide of hate runs high. But the timid and overly delicate have never thrived in the world’s frontiers.


Cast a glance at the Bright Continent—”incomparably the best source of potential wealth waiting development in the world.”

By Lester David

THE YOUNG man knelt on the dry ground of the Bomi Hills in Liberia, a look of intense concentration on his tanned face. Then he rose and slowly made his way back to headquarters, deep in his own thoughts.


The original Tree Tops Hotel pictured here was burned down by Mau Mau terrorists 27 May 1954.  It has since been rebuilt.


PERCHED 60 feet above the ground in the fork of a giant fig tree that overlooks a pool and a salt lick near Nyeri, Africa, is one of the most unique “hotels” in the world. Guests remain only one night and chances are that few of them will sleep for they usually stay awake to watch from their observation platform the wild animals—elephants, rhinoceros, buffalo, leopards, giant hogs, monkeys, etc., that come daily to lick the salt and quench their thirst in the pool.

Building an Empire In Africa’s Jungles (May, 1930)

I guess it’s not surprising that the article says almost nothing about the native population other than: they are primitives, they like buying stuff at the company store, and that Firestone drove a hard bargain with them.

Building an Empire In Africa’s Jungles

A NEW world is in the making at the western edge of Africa, where American business has undertaken to reclaim the jungle for the purposes of modern industry. Today the republic of Liberia is the scene of a great overseas enterprise hardly matched in the annals of empire building. For the first time private business has embarked upon an effort of the kind that nations heretofore have struggled to perform. What England did in America, France in Canada, and Spain at the south from two to three hundred years ago, an American organization is striving to do upon its own account.