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Dream Drugs – GUILTY of MURDER! (Nov, 1959)

“The high priest of the craze is the celebrated Aldous Huxley, an expatriate Englishman with a whole string of best sellers to his credit. Huxley stumbled on the weird idea while living in his ivory tower in sunny Southern California, probably under the invigorating influence of that daffy birthplace of innumerable fads.”

Dream Drugs – GUILTY of MURDER!

In this Public Service Feature, TOP SECRET exposes the current craze of hypnotic drugs that produce technicolor dreams — but also death!


A dangerous new craze for hypnotic drugs that produce dreams in color has recently been uncovered on the West Coast.

The shocking story of these dope dreamers came to light when 18-year-old Michael Hawks, a brilliant freshmen student at Redlands University, in California, died mysteriously after going on a dream drug binge.

The son of die chairman of the board of directors of a Sierra Madre engineering firm, Hawks had been warned by University authorities about dabbling with hypnotic drugs that make addicts have dreams in color.