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Burlington Watch Co. – Fighting the Trust!! (Feb, 1909)

When I saw this ad I assumed that the “Fight the Trust” rhetoric was just an attempt to capitalize on the anti-trust zeal of the time, and to some extent it certainly was. I’m pretty sure they did, in fact, care about “what it costs” to produce and sell their watches. However there apparently was a Watch Trust that controlled much of the market around this time.

More information about the Burlington Watch Co. at and the NAWCC (National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors).

Also, “Be posted” is an odd turn of phrase, which I guess means “send mail in some form or another. I’d never heard of sending “a postal”, but it seems it simply meant to send a postcard.

Fighting the Trust!!

The Smashing Anti-Trust Fight Now On!

Trust Prices Eclipsed at Last!

An absolutely first-class high-grade watch at a price within the reach of the people—The Burlington Special No-Trust Watch.

The World’s Masterpiece of watch manufacture—the Burlington Special—now sold direct to the public at it’s rock-bottom, no-trust price (and besides without middlemen’s profits).