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The Natural World of Wollensak Sound (Oct, 1967)

The Natural World of Wollensak Sound

The rustle of leaves… the whisper of woodwinds…the boom of big beat Hear them better on a Wollensak… naturally

Shh. Listen. There’s a world of sound around you. The ring of laughter. The murmur of voices. Tchaikovsky. The boom of Brubeck or Bach.

Wollensak tape recorders are built for this world; to capture and play back — with unerring fidelity —the sounds you care most about.

It’s a mod, mod, modular world. (Aug, 1974)

It’s a mod. mod. modular world.

Simplify, simplify! Instead of paying more for bigger, bulkier audio control components, pay less for compact Shure modular components that — singly or in combination—handle critical functions flawlessly. Cases in point: (1) the M67 and M68 Microphone Mixers, the original high-performance, low-cost mixers; (2) the M610 Feedback Controller, the compact component that permits dramatically increased gain before feedback;

Three-Dimensional Sound for the Home (Jan, 1942)

Three-Dimensional Sound for the Home
Three-dimensional sound, the effect created for Walt Disney’s film Fantasia, now can be duplicated in the home with a new multi-speaker radio on the market. A portion of the audio output of the chassis in the new set is fed back into the lighting circuit; extra speakers then may be plugged in anywhere on the same meter circuit, to create the Fantasia effect if the speaker is in the same room, or to carry the program to the other rooms in the house without the need for extra wiring.

Vacuum Tube Orchestra to Supplant Human Players (Oct, 1931)

Vacuum Tube Orchestra to Supplant Human Players

ALEXANDER’S vacuum tube band is coming to town tomorrow, and perhaps the day after tomorrow Sousa’s vacuum tube band will be playing on the Million Dollar Pier at Atlantic City while Mr. Sousa and his musicians are in the recording studios of a New York musical agency.

For a new magic in music is about to be born that will make today’s electronic reproduction sound like the rankest kind of cacophony by comparison. The new electronic band will breathe the breath of life; it will take on new color, new brilliance and a faithfulness that will permit it to escape once and for all the stinging criticism now levelled at it by our impresarios.



When a World’s Fair visitor speaks into the device shown above, an electric echo throws back his words after a pre-set interval up to several minutes. One set of magnets impresses the voice on a moving steel tape, and a second set picks it up. The effect sounds like an echo from a cliff, but undistorted and amplified. Delayed speech is useful in transatlantic radiotelephony, where a speaker’s reply is held up in transit to give relays time to close.

The Andy Gard Home Voice Recorder (Feb, 1958)

The Andy Gard Home Voice Recorder


Only $14.95


You can cut your own records in the privacy of your own home! If you now have a phonograph, send for this extra recording equipment for some of the most enjoyable moments of your life. Put your voice on records, or Dad’s or Mom’s, or your friend’s. Make a recording of baby sister or brother and save it for posterity. Have fun at parties, or in the classroom.

Dolls Dance to Radio Music (Mar, 1932)

Dolls Dance to Radio Music

FROM Germany comes the latest radio novelty. It is a platform upon which a group of dolls dance to the tune of music issuing from your radio receiver.

The device is a mystery until you understand the dance platform is caused to vibrate by means of a small needle which connects with a headphone, as illustrated in the accompanying drawing.

This headphone is connected up with your radio receiver, so that the same current sounds the music and excites the dancers. The effect of the contrivance is extremely fascinating.

Radio Speaker Like Chandelier (May, 1932)

Radio Speaker Like Chandelier

LOUD speakers which are placed in or on top of your receiving set cabinet are now being supplanted by a new amplifier that hangs from the ceiling like a beautiful metal chandelier.

The new amplifier is made up of a number of tone tubes which not only amplify the sounds but also give musical notes a rich tone. Each tube tones one note. Any electrical connection may be used between receiving set and chandelier.

Tweeter Globe (Feb, 1960)

Tweeter Globe

By Steven Hahn

This novel addition to your hi-fi system will overcome the problem of high frequency distribution.

ONE problem in high fidelity reproduction is the distribution of high frequency sounds. In the low frequency range, this is a minor problem because of the comparatively large size of the speaker radiating element and the distribution patterns of the sound waves. However, as one increases the frequency, the waves begin to take on more and more the characteristics of light beams; that is, they are comparatively narrow and have a tendency to reflect from various surfaces.

Pocket-size recorder (Apr, 1971)

Wow, when you put that tape next to an incredibly gigantic coin, it makes it seem smaller!

Pocket-size recorder

Drop a minicassette into this miniature, 10-ounce dictating machine, and put 30 minutes of your thoughts on tape. That, says Dictaphone Corp., is 3,000 words or 30 average business letters. Record, playback, rewind, and volume controls are under your thumb. The Dictaphone 10 sells for under $100.