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Wire Recorder Saves Time by Handling Data on Photographs (Dec, 1950)

Wire Recorder Saves Time by Handling Data on Photographs

Photographers who do considerable work in the field can save time by using a wire recorder to keep track of pertinent information. Details and remarks can be recorded in a moment and then edited later when time is available. The recorder is set up in the front seat of the car, and the necessary 110-volt a.c. is supplied by a war-surplus converter carried in the trunk.

Robert H. Horn, Yakima, Wash.

Snapshots in Sound (Jul, 1958)

Nothing says “vacation” like lugging a fifteen pound tape recorder and pile of adapters around with you.

Snapshots in Sound

Relive your summer vacation with a record on tape

YOU’RE ALL PACKED and ready for that summer vacation you’ve planned for a whole year. You make a last-minute check. Got the bathing suits? Travelers checks? Suntan oil, guide book, maps, camera, film . . . ?

Didn’t you forget something? You took a camera, maybe even a movie camera, too, to make a permanent record of fun in the sun. But did you ever think of making a sound record of your vacation?

This is Sony (Aug, 1962)

This is Sony


Sony Stereo Tape Deck 262-D —4 & 2 track stereo recording and playback tape transport to add tape to your existing hi fi system. $89.50. (Also available, not pictured, the new SRA-2 stereo recording amplifier for the 262 D. $89.50.) • Sony Sterecorder 777-S—All transistorized professional 2 or 4 track stereo recorder featuring the exclusive Sony Electro Bi Lateral playback Head. World’s finest tape recorder. $595.

Dictaphone® the sound you can see (Oct, 1961)

Dictaphone® the sound you can see

The “sound you can see” means savings you can see! If you let a Dictaphone Time-Master dictating machine take dictation for your secretary, you save money.

In terms of dollars and cents, this advanced method will record your messages far more economically and conveniently. And it will free your secretary for a multitude of other duties.