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Signal Light for Babies’ Cribs (Sep, 1936)

Signal Light for Babies’ Cribs

IN the maternity ward in European hospitals a unique signal light system has been installed. Under each baby are two sheets of tinfoil separated by thin absorbent cloth. The tinfoil sheets are punched with a number of holes.

Science in Pictures (Sep, 1947)

Science in Pictures

Push-Button Telegraph center permits messages to be typed only once, on a “printer perforator,” at point of origin. When messages reach the center, a clerk pushes a button for the city of destination.

Fishy Idea dreamed up by amateur inventor Dr. Carl Omeron, right, looks like a spark of genius. This is it: Tie balloons to a live “Judas” fish (which you catch the hard way). Put Judas back in the water and he’ll lead the way to the whole school.