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Two Beds Built in the Space of One (Apr, 1939)

Two Beds Built in the Space of One


FOR the summer cottage or cabin, or even a small city apartment, a pair of beds can be constructed so that one slides under the other as shown. The bed in the living room is therefore kept entirely out of sight until required, when it is pulled out like a huge drawer.

Beds From Rubber Bubbles (May, 1950)

Beds From Rubber Bubbles

EVER dreamed of sleeping on a bed of angel food cake?

Well, foam-rubber mattresses are made at U. S. Rubber Company’s Mishawaka, Ind. plant like your ole mammy used to bake that lightweight delicacy.

Just as she whipped up the ingredients, poured the batter into the pan and placed it in the oven, so the pure milk of the rubber tree is mixed with chemicals, whipped into a fluffy foam and then poured into a two-piece mold to be vulcanized into permanent form.

Motorboat Bed (Jul, 1960)

Motorboat Bed

WHEN Raymond Ferrari sends his five-year-old son Richard to bed, the lad climbs into a full-size replica of a speed boat and hits the sack, a 74-inch mattress covered by a nautical quilt. When he presses a button on the carved outboard motor, the light goes out. Richard’s brothers, Stephen, 11, and Raymond, nine, sleep in the next room. Its walls are decorated with wolf skins and murals of cowboys roping their steers. The Seaford, L. I. family lives in a boy’s dream world fashioned by their imaginative and handy dad.

Perfect Bed Built of Tin Cans (Feb, 1934)

Perfect Bed Built of Tin Cans

A BED built of old tin cans, perfect in every detail and capable of supporting 1,000 pounds, has been built by J. G. Smith, an unemployed mechanic of Atlanta, Georgia.

Three hundred and thirty-six tin cans of various sizes were used in constructing the bed. Except for the iron locks by which the head, footboard, and siderails are fitted together, and the iron cross pieces which support the springs, no other material was used. Even the bed lamp hanging from the head of the bed uses a tin can for a shade.

New V-Shaped Bed Cradles Body for More Restful Sleep (Jan, 1932)

New V-Shaped Bed Cradles Body for More Restful Sleep
A V-SHAPED bed recently invented supports the body perfectly at every point and thus promotes better rest. When unused the bed is straight like every other bed. However, one pull on a chain at the side of the bed immediately changes it to a V-shape. Another advantage claimed for the bed is that the covers are held substantially away from the person, thereby allowing the free circulation of air to the body.