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Pathetic little Alice…chosen Queen! (Oct, 1932)

Pathetic little Alice…chosen Queen!

They called her names, they teased her and left her out of their games and class plays. “She is such an unattractive child” the teacher said . . . And then Alice’s mother found a way to end the child’s indigestion.

The difference is great between a smiling, healthy person and one who is handicapped by indigestion, but the cause may be slight. Often Beeman’s Pepsin Gum will relieve the condition. Dr. Beeman had a great idea in putting pepsin in this gum. Chew it every day. The flavor is delicious.

Especially made to aid digestion.

Beeman’s Original Pepsin Chewing Gum (Apr, 1918)

Beeman’s Original Pepsin Chewing Gum

“That attack of dyspepsia of which you are complaining is due to one of two causes:

“Either you have overeaten or you have been working under a nervous strain. For food will not properly digest when you go to your meals with nerves on edge.

“There isn’t anything serious about this form of indigestion and the simplest sort of treatment should bring immediate relief.

“For years I always recommended the use of pepsin in such cases until, in later years, when I had put pepsin into chewing gum, I suggested to my patients that they chew a stick of Beeman’s Original Pepsin Gum for ten minutes after each meal.

“Pepsin is good for stomach ailments, while the chewing of the gum acts as a nerve tonic.”