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Origin of the Guinness Book of Records (Aug, 1957)

Well, actually the Guinness Book of Superlatives, I’m not sure when it was changed.

The Most of Everything

There’s a book out for people who want to know the largest, smallest, fastest, richest, hottest, coldest, oldest and mostest.

ARGUING about which is the mostest of anything, like the highest point in Our State or the longest bone in the human body, just seems to go with beer. Some say pretzels go better, while another body of expert opinion favors cheese and raw onions. But arguing about the mostest rates high as a diversion of malt brew enthusiasts, and that is no doubt why the ancient house of Arthur Guinness Son, Ltd., Dublin, has published The Guinness Book Of Superlatives.

Beerador (Apr, 1939)

Novel Beverage Refrigerator
FEATURING seven revolving shelves which accommodate 504 bottles, this novel electric beverage refrigerator display unit measures only 37 inches in diameter, saving floor space while advertising many brands.

ROMANCE Of The TIN CAN (Feb, 1937)

Interesting article on the history and development of the lowly tin can. Also, if you have not yet been introduced to the techie crack that is the National Association of Manufacturers Blog, by all means, check it out. Every Saturday they post a video tour of a different factory or manufacturing process. One of my dreams has always been to make a Factory Tour tv show (without John Ratzenberger and all the promotional sound bites). Anyway, they have an excellent video showing the entire manufacturing process for tin cans here and it is very, very cool.


CUT all the tin plate used annually to make the tin cans of America into a strip one foot wide and you can wind that strip around the earth fourteen times.

Or, to visualize it another way, take the five billion odd square feet of tin plate into which we put our fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, beer, paint, oil. candy, cheese and tobacco each year and it would be a simple matter to can the moon. You’d have the biggest cheese can ever made, and still have a lot of tin plate left over.

The vastness of tin can production has brought this familiar article into the lives of nearly every American family, for it is in this country that the greatest volume of tin cans is produced. A good year will find between eight and nine billion cans for the food racks of this country and this is the business that accounts for the major percentage of cans.