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They Turn Collars Into Dollars (Jul, 1956)

They Turn Collars Into Dollars

Catering to filthy rich Fidos is making Bill and Ken Osborne the veritable Tiffany of Towserland.

By Jack E. Kemmerer
A DREAM in which he saw a pet poodle wearing a magnificent, diamond-studded dog collar launched 38-year-old breeder of pedigreed show dogs Bill Osborne and his brother Ken, 25, on a unique money-making venture which has them catering to the upper crust of dogdom.

Beverly Hills (Oct, 1952)

Irving Stone was a prolific and successful novelist who wrote Lust for Life and The Agony and the Ecstasy.

Slim Aarons was known as the “king” of Hollywood photography and described his job as “photographing attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places.” He has nice spread of Marilyn Monroe on pages 8 and 9.

I don’t know much about present day Beverly Hills, but I’m guessing it makes the one described here seem downright quaint and pedestrian. Well, maybe not pedestrian, since no one in town went anywhere on foot even in 1952.

Towards the end of the piece Irving uses the term “option stomach“, which I’d never heard before. According to Google, this article is the only place it’s ever been used, so I guess that makes sense.

Beverly Hills

You’ll be fascinated by this full and intimate story of what it’s like to live in the movie stars’ home town


BEVERLY HILLS is the place where the man with the three-day beard next to you at the delicatessen counter is Robert Taylor; where the rear half of the horse on the stage of the grammar school during a Cub Scout show is Keenan Wynn; where the Cub Scout den meetings have a rule that no food may be served to the boys by butlers; where the daughter of the M-G-M attorney came home from her first day of school crying, “I’m underprivileged: the other kids in my class have four parents and I only have two.”