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Treating A Big Gun’s “Sore Throat” (Jan, 1942)

Treating A Big Gun’s “Sore Throat”

BIG guns on the battleship bark their songs of death—and soon develop sore throats. Then they must go to the doctor for care. In the Battle of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, British Men O’ War rarely go through more than one engagement without having to return to the shops to have their big guns refitted. A 15-inch gun cannot be fired more than 200 times, at the most, under battle conditions, without its lining being worn out. The picture at the right, below, shows the method by which such a gun is re-lined. A series of gas burners are placed about it, the outer casing is heated until it expands, the lining is slipped out, and a new lining, shown at left, is slipped in.