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Blind Men Make Radios (Oct, 1937)

This reminds me of a crazy Russian film I posted to YouTube a few years ago. It’s all about what appears to be an entire town complete with school, resort and television factory to cater to the blind. It all looks rather futuristic and amazing and has the feel of propaganda but I have no idea what it says because the entire film is narrated in French.

Blind Men Make Radios

THE world’s most unusual radio factory is in operation in New York City where 304 blind men build radio sets on a production scale. Every operation is performed by them, even to soldering, and it seems that these men make fewer mistakes and do a better job than workers not handicapped with a loss of sight.

Senses of Blind Not More Acute / Illuminated Dog to Lead Blind (Sep, 1930)

What exactly is an illuminated dog? Is it a dog with a light on it? Because I think dogs can see fairly well in the dark..

Senses of Blind Not More Acute

THE popular idea that blind persons develop especially delicate senses of hearing and touch to compensate in part for loss of sight is exploded by Professor Pierre Villey, of the University of Caen, France, in summarizing recent psychological and physiological tests.