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Can General Old’s “Eyes” Guard America’s Heartland? (Oct, 1952)

Can General Old’s “Eyes” Guard America’s Heartland?


Special from Anchorage, Alaska. Tonight the citizens of the American “heartland”—you Chicagoans and New Yorkers, the people of Detroit and Philadelphia—will prepare for bed, blissfully confident in tomorrow. Yet while you sleep, lights are burning late here in Alaska, particularly in the somber, sandbagged headquarters of the Alaskan Command at Elmendorf Field, just outside of Anchorage. This is a building which never sleeps. For here officers of the Alaskan Command are staying up nights worrying about you “heartland” Americans.

NEW in the AIR (Jan, 1954)

NEW in the AIR

AVRO VULCAN delta-wing bomber is powered by lour Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire let engines, each of which gives 8.300 pounds of thrust, a power equivalent of our World War II Superforts.

MOTHER WAITS while modified F-84 jet fighter returns to bomb bay retrieving mechanism of giant B-36 bomber for in-flight landing during Air Force demonstration of its new air-borne carrier.



“Out of the sky drops a tiny black speck, there is a blinding white flash, the city lies in ruin…”

By Robert G. Beason

by General Curtis E. LeMay

“For ten years the Strategic Air Command has stood ready as a most powerful deterrent to any aggressor threatening world peace. With with long range bombers and nuclear firepower SAC could carry to an enemy’s heartland the greatest destructive power the world has ever known.

“SAC., often called the world’s best insurance policy for peace, is the long range offensive arm of the USAF.

Can Cities be Annihilated from the Air? (Aug, 1935)

Ten years later we had the unfortunate answer to this question.

Can Cities be Annihilated from the Air?

IN contemplating the horrors of war, those whose natural instincts are inclined to peace look upon the newest weapons of war as threatening swift extinction of the whole civilized —that is to say, city—population. Such writers as Wells have pictured all the world’s great centers of population uninhabited and uninhabitable, after a war carried on with new death-dealing devices. They recall the fall of ancient empires which perished completely with their capitals—like Nineveh, Babylon, Tyre and Carthage—and others—like Rome—which barely escaped; and they wonder if Paris and London and New York are similarly to be obliterated when the scientific world war comes.

Transatlantic Roller Coaster Designed to Bomb U.S.A (Oct, 1947)

Transatlantic Roller Coaster Designed to Bomb U.S.A

Hitler’s blueprints found; mighty winged missiles were to be used in 1946

WHEN the Allied invasion upset the Nazis’ plans, they had a supersonic, 3,000-mile-range rocket in the works. Already in the blueprint stage was its successor —a true rocket bomber of equal speed and range. Actual sketches and plans for it are shown on page 110.

Rocket projects were Hitler’s equivalent of America’s Manhattan District Project. Blueprints for atomic bombs are still tightly guarded secrets, but the Nazis’ detailed plans for push-button, transoceanic war have now been exposed. They are a clue to developments that may reasonably be expected if there is another war.