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Ad: How a jet engine runs on its “nerves” (Feb, 1953)

How a jet engine runs on its “nerves”
Auxiliary “nerve center” of a jet’s engine, this complex gearbox transmits the power that runs oil and fuel pumps, generators, and other vital accessories. To produce this intricate unit for J-40 engines, Westinghouse looks to Lycoming for precision production.

From a jet’s mighty engine, these precision gears “take off” power and pass it along to vital accessory equipment at the specific rate required by each different unit. As many as 30 separate gears … as many as 2500 separate machining and assembly operations … go into this gearbox so essential to safe, efficient operation of a jet. And for this tremendously complex production, Westinghouse depends on Lycoming.

Lycoming stands ready to assist you, too. Whether you have “just an idea” that needs development, a problem in the blueprint stage, or a finished metal product that needs precise, speedy fabrication … you can depend on Lycoming’s long-tested ability to meet the most exacting and diverse industrial or military requirements. Whatever your problem—look to Lycoming!

Lycoming’s 2-1/2 million feet of floor space, its more than 6,000 machine tools, and its wealth of creative engineering ability stand ready to serve your needs.

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Ad: How a helicopter hangs by its “elbows” (Mar, 1953)

How a helicopter hangs by its “elbows”

Straight up, straight down, forwards, backwards, or just hovering— the Piasecki “Work Horse” Helicopter’s peculiar flying maneuverability rests in its rotor assemblies. It is these flexible “elbows” that adjust the pitch of the ‘copter’s great blades. Each unit involves more than 625 separate parts. To machine and assemble them, Piasecki depends on Lycoming for precision production.

It’s “twins” for Piper … by Lycoming (Apr, 1954)

It’s “twins” for Piper … by Lycoming
This is the Piper Apache… the all-new executive plane that brings new economy to the twin-engine field while maintaining high standards of safety and dependability.

It is powered by two proven Lycoming 150-h.p. air-cooled engines designed especially for the Apache. These power plants provide an improved horsepower-weight ratio, new compactness… and are so powerful that the Apache can safely fly and land with a full load on one engine alone.

Lycoming Ad: New “ticker” for tanks (Apr, 1953)

First in a series of ads for the Lycoming corporation by Boris Artzybasheff.

New “ticker” for tanks

For a dependable tank “heart” — 500 horsepower’s worth of rugged air-cooled engine—U. S. Army Ordnance looks to Lycoming’s precision production.

Rumbling over rugged terrain . . . crushing enemy obstacles . . . surviving heavy fire—our “G.I.” tanks must have powerful, dependable engines to stay “alive” in combat. That’s why the Army Ordnance Corps relies on Lycoming to turn out air-cooled “tickers” for new-type tanks now in production.

Maybe you need a complete engine, or a single precision part. Maybe you have “only an idea” in the rough or blueprint stage that needs development. Or a metal product that needs precise and speedy fabrication. In any case-look to Lycoming! Lycoming has a long-tested reputation for meeting the most exacting and diverse metal-working requirements, both industrial and military. Whatever your problem—look to Lycoming!

Lycoming’s wealth of creative engineering ability,its 2-1/2 million square feet of floor space, its 6,000-plus machine tools stand ready to serve your needs.