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Find Your Fortune in a New Career (Jul, 1952)

Find Your Fortune in a New Career

America is back to the era where that knocking on your door could be opportunity.

By Lester David

NOT too long ago, Mel Hedrick was a gangling farm kid who rose sleepily way ahead of the sun to do the chores on his dad’s farm in West Salem, Ill. But Mel had an idea that he wanted to be a scientist. So he went to grade and high school in his home town, then to the state university.

Finally, as a full-fledged man of science, Mel got a job with the central research division of the Monsanto Chemical Co. in Dayton, Ohio. Right off the bat, he was asked what he’d like to do most. “Something helpful to farmers,” Mel replied. So he was signed to research work on soil conditioners.